Wk 15 – Artist Interview – HYERI KIM


Before my last artist post ever for this class, I just wanted to say that Art110 has been a extremely fun and wonderful experience. My peers that I have met and the activities I have partook in, were all interesting and worth it. Not to forget all the remarkable artwork shown in the galleries; each artist were unique in their own particular way, and it was a great pleasure to view all the art work.

For this final post, I end my blog with something extravagant, and that is “His Extravagant Proposal” by Hyeri Kim. I believe she gave this collection this title because of the various eye catching jewelry which refers to a proposal. Her artwork looks much like a jewelry store, all the stones and gems, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, are all displayed in the cases or on mannequins.

IMG_1357What i wonder, is if Kim created this jewelry herself or if it was already made; because it looks professionally made by a jeweler. I also wonder if these accessories are valuable or not.                    I do think her art is completely beautiful and unique, I would like to know what was her purpose in creating this art work.                                                                                     IMG_1356IMG_1355   IMG_1354Kims art work looks
asif it belongs to some royal family, the ones you find in a castle or a very very expensive house. Her artwork is magnificent, and I bet Hyeri Kim herself as an artist stands at the top of the ranks. She is very unique and different, her art work is different than many of the rest.

It has been great. Being able to view all this wonderful artwork has been amazing. And ending it with an artist that is “extravagant” is perfect to say the least. I enjoyed it all. It has been a pleasure to take this class. And end it with Hyeri Kim.



Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Sarah Walsh

For week 13, I admired the work done by Sarah Walsh in the collection titled “Post Synthesis.” Her work is absolutely eye catching and unique, her techniques in her art, to me, is amazing and creative.IMG_1274 

Her art caught my attention because it reminded me of cities torn apart by natural disasters as they try to rebuild. The way she painted the art, in my opinion, made it seem like the buildings and surroundings were damaged and I feel as if she tried to emphasize the seriousness of these cities and towns who are impacted by the harsh events of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. 

IMG_1275But despite the message that I saw in Sarah’s art, I also believe her work is also peaceful and portrays hope and faith that life will be back to the way it should be.

I really admire the artwork presented by Sarah Walsh and her peers, as all the work in this collection is absolutely amazing in its own way. I just really enjoy how Sarah embraces the environment and society in her art.

Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Christopher Soerachmat

IMG_1285For week 13, I was lucky to meet a very cool, funny dude, named Christopher Soerachmat. When he met me, he was surprised to find out that I was a Freshman, as he replied saying, “Wow really? You look old.” I wasn’t too sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but regardless, it was interesting that he thought I was older. Like me, Christopher is a first year student at Cal State. And he has very interesting attributes.

Christopher is a proud Indonesian, and loves the country and hopes to visit there again, and travel around the various parts of Asia. He currently lives in the Westminster area, and is originally from Garden Grove. He says he loves the Long Beach area and doesn’t mind commuting to school. Although he wishes he would be able to dorm, Christopher is just glad that he goes to a great school.

The most interesting quality that I found out about Christopher, is that he is majoring in Film and Electronic Arts. He says his goal in life is to work for Pixar, which I think would be absolutely awesome. As a matter of fact, he is already working with Pixar as a cast member editing the stuff that editors edit.

I wish Christopher the best of luck in his career pursuits as i know he’ll do big things. It was a pleasure meeting you dude.

Wk 12 – Activity – Teach One

Self_Portrait_III_In_Progress_by_sgchipman This week’s activity is to teach one activity. I chose to teach how to create a self-portrait sketch like the one on the left. Too often, people say that their best artwork are stick figures, and can not do any better than that. That was me and pretty much still is me. So i decided to find out how to create a self-portrait and teach it to the class as well.

Step 1.

Draw the shape of your head without any hair or features. Just the outline of your head. Make sure to have a mirror or photo of yourself to draw this self-portrait.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.17.20 PM

Step 2.

Draw a line halfway from the top of your head to your chin. This will be where your eyes will be drawn. Make sure to draw it very lightly, so you will be able to erase it easily later.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.19.19 PM

Step 3.

Draw a vertical line down the center of the head, in order to keep the features symmetrical.Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.20.24 PM

Step 4.

Draw a short line halfway between the eyeline and the chin. Then draw a line halfway between the line you just drew and the chin.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.22.05 PM  Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.22.15 PM

Step 5.

Draw your eyes first as this will be the guideline for the rest of your features.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.25.02 PM

Step 7.

Draw the rest of your features as realistically as possible. Then erase any extra lines. Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.26.00 PM

Step 8.

Use shading techniques to create a more realistic version of yourself. Just like the sketch shown at the very top.


this is the link where i got this information, look her for better details.


anyone can draw! remember that.

Ch 12 – Artist Interview – The Magic Hours


For week 12, I viewed the collection titled “The Magic Hours,” but I did something very stupid which was not even knowing who the artist was that created all the beautifully unique artwork that I saw. I apologize for my mistake, as I really do admire this artist’s amazing creations and I respect all the effort that was used to make this collection as remarkable as it is.

IMG_1256 All the art that “The Magic Hours” containIMG_1258, reminds me of cartoons from disney movies It brought a memory of all the cartoons I used to watch and the animated films that i grew to love. And for that, I thank the artist for connecting to my childhood as I truly miss it. A lot of the art this artist creates include cars, people, and the outdoors. I also believe the artist tries to tell some sort of story in the art he or she creates and it is very interesting. This collection is by far, one of my more favorite ones, because it is just simply awesome.

IMG_1254 This artwork reminds me of the movie Despicable Me which I love. Also, the artist’s use of color and the creation of different textures make the art much more effective in appealing to the viewers. I think it is just amazing how realistic an animated piece can be. IMG_1260 The art containing the scary dance director is as dark as this artist work will get. And this is different, as the artist stays away from the color and uses just black and white, the shading is just magnificent. And again, the artist is obviously trying to tell some sort of story in his or her art.IMG_1262

This allows the audience to use their imagination to create their own story in their heads. The art to the right, is more work that tells a story, but this one is sad. It is obvious that that one little girl is having some dilemma with the other ballet dancers. This also reminds me of another Disney movie.

I really regret not being able to know who created this art, as I respect and admire this art so much. I am glad that I was able to view this remarkable collection.

Ch 12 – Classmate Interview – Alex Lo

IMG_1250The homie Alex Lo is a second year student majoring in kinesiology. As a person of Chinese/Vietnamese ethnicity, Alex takes pride in his culture and heritage. He says he respects his parents and his grandparents and all his relatives for all the sacrifices and hard work they put in to create a better life for him. I truly respect this about Alex, it shows his humble manner and his love for his family.

Alex is the youngest of his two older brothers. He says he wished he had a dorm in Cal State, but the “40 minute drive from Rosemead is not too bad,” he says. He loves it out here in Long Beach, Alex says he loves the chill vibe and all the people. He definitely fits in with the skaters out here, as his favorite hobby includes skating; in addition, Alex also loves to workout. He also played a lot of football and volleyball, back at San Gabriel Highschool.

When I asked him about art, he replied saying that he isn’t really into art. But he does love to travel and go camping, and enjoy the scenery which he considers art. Alex is a swell individual and very very cool. It was great meeting you bro!

Wk 11 – Activity – Your Own (video)

For this week’s, “do your own” activity, I chose to make a random video. This video, i tried to make a boring night of doing nothing, into something interesting and fun to watch by adding just music. I did not do any type of editing and/or effects to make my video more appealing. Just added music, as an experiment to see how many views and feedback it would get on Youtube, so do not judge my video making skills, although it may actually be bad, I didn’t try my best to make this video all that great. This is just an attempt to make a newer/improved video in a future activity to compare the two videos and see the differences.