The normal me is a basketball loving, laid-back, shy individual. I am very anti-social and I am not very comfortable meeting new people who have different interests and hobbies than mine. When I do associate with those that are completely not my type of people, I tend to create an awkward situation with people who are different than me.



For this activity, I would still be meeting a lot of new people who are totally different than I am, however, I would actually be pretending to be just like them. I wanted to create a test or experiment, to see if I would be able to be more comfortable than I usually would be, step out of my comfort zone, and not create awkward situations.

I decided to take my experiment to a different area, that was not Long Beach. I ended up going to the city of Irvine, a new environment, new people, and a perfect place to be different, especially near the UCI campus.

The Surfer Me

The Surfer Me

My first “Counterfactual Identity” would be to dress up as a surfer/beach-guy. I do not usually wear Hawaiian Quicksilver shirts, board-shorts, and Rainbow Sandals, and it was absolutely embarrassing with my sock-tan showing. I was actually in a Surf shop looking around at wetsuits and surfboards, when I met a UCI sophomore named Krzel. She too, was looking at the surfboards, and I asked if she surfed often. She then assumed I was a very good surfer, since I was taking a look at “short boards” which apparently are much more difficult to ride. Krzel also immediately assumed I was a Business major and she guessed my name was Aaron… I guess Filipino surfers at UCI are typically named Aaron and are business majors. It was pretty funny when she started to talk all about surfing, I was completely lost. I had no clue how tall good waves should be, or which beach is good to surf at, what a barrel is, etc etc. She definitely responded to me as if I was a surfer and I did my best to pretend I was.

I actually tried another experiment. This time i tried to dress as a dancer. And i got the same results as the surfer experiment. A group of very cool dancers saw my RIF LA shirt, and very nicely welcomed me into their dance workshop. They asked how long i have been dancing, what crew I was in, and if I was from around here. I told them I hurt my ankle, so that I wouldn’t have to dance, because I am a horrible dancer. The group was absolutely funny, and I met two guys named Carlos and Gabe who are both amazingly cool dancers. They guessed my name to Jeremy, which is actually really close to my actual name. It was real fun to meet them. But again, I got lost when they talked about popping, and ball-changes, and whatever else dance lingo

The Dancers

The Dancers

they had.

From this activity, I had a lot of fun meeting new people outside the basketball and Long Beach world. I most definitely received a different response than I usually do and I also acted a different way than normal. Overall, this was a very fun and great activity. I met several cool new people at UCI who thought I was just like them. When I revealed my interest was actually basketball and not surfing or dancing, they still accepted me and laughed at my experiment. This was a great activity.


Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Francisco Mojica

Francisco Mojica is a very unique and interesting artist. Mr. Mojica is deeply inspired by his cultural background and his experiences that he has overcome in his life as his art truly exemplifies this.

In the image below, Francisco seems to emphasize his experience of choices and opportunities that life has to offer. I believe that Mojica is attempting to show that although life may seem to be dull, black and white, and full of dead ends and obstacles, there is always at least one way out. From this specific piece of art, I feel as if the artist is trying to transform a simple, plain landscape into a powerful art piece with a message.

Francisco Mojica

Francisco Mojica

As a man of Hispanic heritage, Francisco truly has pride of his culture and his background. In his art, just like in his life, Francisco uses bold colors and details in his art to capture the amazingness of objects that may not seem to be that exciting. Mojica definitely brings life into his works and that is what he is known for. In his works below, Francisco Mojica not only uses vibrant colors in contrast of darker ones to make his art come to life, but he also brings passion and uniqueness to object we see everyday that we do not really pay much attention to.


By learning more about this artist and viewing more of his awesome work, Francisco has made me realize that about everything in life that we see, the people and objects we encounter everyday, can be considered as art. As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING IS ART. His passion and techniques that he puts into his work is absolutely inspiring. Art is everywhere you go, and Francisco Mojica reveals this through his work.

Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – CHRISTINE TRINH



For the fifth week of Art110, I was able to find a truly amazing partner, Christine Trinh, for Classmate Interview #5. To be honest, Christine is probably the friendliest and happiest person in the entire class. My first thoughts prior to meeting her, were that she was a very shy and awkward person, but Christine totally proved me wrong and made me realize that it is probably best to get to know a person first, before making assumptions.

When we began our interviews, I was surprised by Christine’s joyful attitude and that she was not hesitant to speak to me at all. She jumped right into the interview by telling me all about herself. Christine first mentioned that she is currently a Freshman pursing a Business Accounting major. She is the youngest out of four siblings, and that they all get along very well… surprisingly. When i asked what her hobbies and interests were, she emphasized her love for gaming. When she isn’t gaming it up, Christine also enjoys reading mystery books and babysitting. She also was excited about telling me her love for ANIME. I asked if she ever been to Japan, she says she has not because of the “lack of time and money,” but Tokyo is definitely the top spot she would like to travel. Irrelevant to the topic of traveling and anime, Christine said her favorite food are cookies and her favorite movie is Despicable Me. At this point, I had already found out that Christine is a very funny person with a great personality.

When I asked how she felt about art, her great sense of humor was revealed. She said that, ” Im not really interested in art, but I do love drawing… I am a very bad drawer, but I can trace and copy very well!” (pretty much me).

All in all, Christine Trinh is a really great person. Her joyful attitude and sense of humor, only adds to the numerous positive characteristics she has to offer.

Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Helena Bae & Oscar Mendoza

Helena Bae &  Oscar Mendoza Collab 4 Mixed Media

Helena Bae &
Oscar Mendoza
Collab 4
Mixed Media

 In this collab of art by Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza, to me, they take abstract to a whole different level. I didn’t know what to make of it, but in my opinion that is what makes this piece of art that more interesting. It looks both chaotic, yet peaceful and elegant. The material is made from what seems to be tape, some type of fabric, plastic, etc. It is all mashed up together to create this very weird artwork.

I don’t know why, but for some reason Ms. Bae’s and Mr. Mendoza’s work reminds me of war. The destruction during the war, and it’s aftermath. Although in my opinion, it a view of violence and chaos, it also possesses a sense of elegance. When talking to my fellow peers, they too had different opinions on the art. They were confused of what it was, but we all agreed that it was very unique and appealing. Also very interesting, and made us want to know more.

It seemed to pop out of the wall. No one was too sure of what to make from it.

The artist says, it is a symbolism of their life and the many obstacles and experiences they have gone through. It is a mix of many different thoughts and ideas. The collab represents the two artists’ lives and their different viewpoints and struggles in life as they came to be where they are today.

This artwork is without a doubt, one of the more interesting pieces and abstract I have seen. The artists definitely made me realize that artwork has an interesting background or story to it. Everyday in Art110 that we talk to and view the artist’s works is increasing my appreciation for art that much more and for the creators of it.

This collab is nothing but AMAZING, and I truly am grateful to have learned more about the artwork of Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza.


Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – TYLER HIRATA



This dude Tyler Hirata is just too cool. He is a fourth-generation Japanese-American, and a third year student at Cal State. Majoring in Information Studies, Tyler says he is the “typical Asian.” His favorite hobby and main interest is PHOTOGRAPHY, overshadowing his enjoyment of computer and video games. One very interesting fact about Tyler is that I found out he played four years of golf at Cypress Highschool! That doesn’t fall into the typical attributes of a “typical Asian.”

In addition, Tyler says he loves to travel and would like to travel to many places in the future. He has been to China, Mexico, and Alaska. Where he says he has taken many beautiful photos of the scenery. He hopes to travel to TOKYO, JAPAN. Tyler emphasizes his regret for not knowing how to speak Japanese, but is dying to experience his culture at Japan. He says, “As a fourth-generation Japanese-American, I am very Americanized.”

When viewing the pieces of art, Tyler shared the same views as I did. He says he is interested in art, but doesn’t fully understand the “abstract” art or the “pieces of paper and string.” I fully understand him, as I too question, WHY art is art.

Overall, Mr. Hirata is a very cool individual. And I am more than glad to have finally met my first “bro” in Art110.

Wk 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

For our Kickstarter Activity the “Triple A’s,” Alan, April, and Aubrey, were my group partners. We decided to vlog, but our camera was everything but the best. The quality of our video is poop, as you are not even able to see our faces and can barely make out the shapes of our bodies and heads. In our vlog we took our audience on a little, short tour of a typical Art110 adventure at the galleries. Im pretty sure it doesn’t help to have a crappy camera and vlog, what audience would want to watch a bunch of blurry blobs. So because of that, we decided to make our vlog into a kickstarter pitch video. We ask for any donations to help us afford a better camera to have much better vlogs!!! So please help us. Everyone wins. Better camera = Better vlogs = Happy Alan, April, Aubrey, and Jerome = Happy audience. Thank you!


The link above is a very interesting Kickstarter Pitch Video. Voyage Earth to me is a great group to donate to as they help “young childrens’ voices be heard.” The people in the video are also very very happy.