Wk1 – Classmate Interview – Diana Vasquez




I actually met Diana Vasquez a few months ago. She was my partner for a dance performance at an 18th birthday party. Although we practiced the dance several times, we never really took the time to get to know each other. When we found out we would have art class together, this assignment posed as the perfect opportunity to get to know Ms.Vasquez.

Diana Vasquez, a freshman, is 17 years old and is soon to be 18 on the 3rd of October. She loves to be active and is very outgoing, but can also be very “chill and lazy.” Her active more adventurous side consists of her interest in activities such as camping, hiking, and playing baseball/softball. In turn, her lazier side usually includes movies, movies, and more movies. Diana says, “Movies are best watched with my family.” In addition, she seems to have her life all planned out for the future. After she achieves her business administration goals in college, she hopes to travel all around the world and country, by plane and car, even travel by sea. All in all, it is an honor to have Diana Vasquez a friend, she is a very interesting individual. 

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