Wk1 – GLAMFA Artist – Brittany Mojo

Brittany Mojo UCLA Untitled, Cacti

Brittany Mojo
Untitled, Cacti


The first piece of artwork that immediately caught my attention, was the piece of art created by Brittany Mojo. The reason why it initially caught my eye was because it almost caught my shoe, as I had almost destroyed the interesting arrangement of cacti placed right in the middle of the walkway. Upon further examination of the little plants, I thought it was very unusual to have blue and white succulents when they are typically green. I didn’t think it was the most eye appealing artwork in the gallery, but the arrangement, location, and the art itself made me want to know more about the background of the cacti and the artist.

Brittany, in her works of art, typically links her creations to “the home” or her own “living space;” typically through paintings, textiles, and plants, such as her “cacti” piece. She usually works with materials related to “woman’s work,” as she is influenced by her surroundings in the world, and just as the world changes, Brittany will rearrange her art as she sees fit. She says, “the work is always in motion,” and that an “individual object” never serves a “singular purpose.” In addition Brittany will not only use a singular method in her art, for example, she will link 2D and 3D art in a certain way to create an illusion, forcing viewers to actually think about the piece of art.

It is very admiring to see how Brittany tests her abilities to go beyond art and to link it with her own life and her perspective of the world. I look forward to viewing more and researching more about her artwork as her creations are very unique and meaningful.

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