April Gliane  


Gliane (pronounced GLIAN-EEE), to me, is a very interesting last name which perfectly fits this very interesting person. The story of how we became partners was actually a pretty amusing altercation to say the least. She saw me sitting on a rock, lonely and grumpy, and the main thing she noticed were the words, “Black Sheep,” on my shirt.. While the thing i noticed was her perfectly circular bellybutton. She said “Nice shirt, black sheep,” I looked at April confused thinking “Is this girl talking crap, calling me a sheep?!” I said to her, “Nice bellybutton.” And from there we became Art110 partners for the week. 

April Gliane, after meeting her and getting to know her, I have found out many interesting facts about her. She is very outgoing. April’s favorite hobbies include hunting and cooking, she says she catches her own food in the wild, starts her own fire, and cooks her catch. Her favorite food to hunt, cook, and eat is the Black bear. In addition to her two favorite hobbies, I find it very confusing when she said she absolutely adores animals. She has 5 chickens, 2 cats, 3 birds, a dog, a frog, 3 birds, a frog, and a cow. From this point of our conversation, she randomly started talking about the time she skydived. April is an adrenaline junkie, and loves doing crazy dangerous things. When she skydives, she doesn’t pull the cord to her parachute, but instead has a set of wings she said she made. I thought of the story of Icarus. She also said she has gone bungee jumping before, without the actual bungee cord… I don’t about everyone else, but I don’t think she would be able to complete this interview if she actually did the stuff she claims she did. 

But as you can see, April Gliane is not a horrible liar as i first thought, but actually a funny, interesting person who has a very creative imagination. I am very grateful to have met her, as I can see we will be very good friends. However, she does owe me a real interview, which I have no doubt will happen as we become closer.


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