Wk 2 – GLAMFA Artist – Noé Gaytán


Noe Gaytan Otis/Public Practice Insti-tutional Critique


Mr. Noe Gaytan, like almost everyone in the world, would want the ability to print their own money.

In order to pay for his education, Gaytan did just that, print his own paper to finance his schooling. Initially, Noe wondered, “What does student debt look like?” So he printed $50,000, the total amount of his debt. He then had the idea to sell the prints in order to earn $50,000 of income.

Noe Gaytan’s projects are rooted in conceptualism and color theory. As a studnt to art, he always attempts to try and learn new mediums and skills. In this “printing money” piece, Noe took up screen printing.  Gaytan is a very unique artist, his situation is one mostly all college students can connect with. I truly appreciate his artwork, and I am eager to find out more about his skills.

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