Wk 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

For our Kickstarter Activity the “Triple A’s,” Alan, April, and Aubrey, were my group partners. We decided to vlog, but our camera was everything but the best. The quality of our video is poop, as you are not even able to see our faces and can barely make out the shapes of our bodies and heads. In our vlog we took our audience on a little, short tour of a typical Art110 adventure at the galleries. Im pretty sure it doesn’t help to have a crappy camera and vlog, what audience would want to watch a bunch of blurry blobs. So because of that, we decided to make our vlog into a kickstarter pitch video. We ask for any donations to help us afford a better camera to have much better vlogs!!! So please help us. Everyone wins. Better camera = Better vlogs = Happy Alan, April, Aubrey, and Jerome = Happy audience. Thank you!


The link above is a very interesting Kickstarter Pitch Video. Voyage Earth to me is a great group to donate to as they help “young childrens’ voices be heard.” The people in the video are also very very happy.

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