Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia E Rangel



Patricia Rangel is a very interesting artist. Her artwork was one of the most bizarre pieces I saw at the galleries. I walked into the room and immediately noticed a big block of dirt on the floor. Artwork that isn’t hung up on a wall or put up like a statue always catches my attention. With Rangel’s particular art piece, the first thought that came to my head was, “HOW CAN THIS BE ART?” I looked at the dirt block, examined it, and still didn’t understand the purpose of it. Luckily Ms. Rangel was there in person, to answer my questions.

Patricia emphasized that her dirt was not just something she brought from the backyard, but much more than that. She said it symbolized “failure, strength, vulnerability, and weakness;” her artwork connects to many aspects of her life and relates to her experiences. Learning that she wouldn’t be able to bring her art back home with her, I was surprised that she said it doesn’t bother her much that she would have to take her art apart and dispose of it. She explained that she makes various and numerous changes to her art, and that making a new piece is what she enjoys.

I can tell that Patricia Rangel loves art, and loves to make art. Her process includes extracting, building, compacting, pouring, and repetition. Obviously showing, that she puts a lot of work into her art and knows the right techniques to keep her creations stable. Rangel is a wonderful and unique artist. It was a great opportunity meeting her.


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