Wk 3 – Classmate Interview – Aubrey Delos Reyes



I never would have guessed that Aubrey Delos Reyes would have many similar interests as me. Although she is a year older than I am, we both share the desire to become a nurse. Aubrey was born in LA, and she loves to hike, take pictures, and go on adventures. She says her most memorable place she has ventured to, would probably be Palos Verdes. After learning her main hobby is to go on adventures, it wasn’t difficult to guess that she also loves to travel. She says the top three places she wants to visit are Australia, Japan, and Paris. And just last summer, she traveled to the Philippines and stayed there for a month! Aubrey said she loves it there, and she hopes to live there in the future. Although Ms. Delos Reyes is Filipino herself, she does not really speak the native language, but can understand the majority of the dialect.

When i asked her about art, she said, “it kinda bores me… I love art, but walking through a museum and looking at the artwork makes me want to sleep.” Aubrey is more interested in modern art today, mainly photography, none of those old paintings and sculptures and what not. We randomly started talking about my “UP” pin from Disneyland. I thought she kinda looked like the dude Russell from the movie, because of her big backpack.

All in all, Aubrey Delos Reyes is a very outgoing and fun-filled person. I can tell we will be great friends, as she seems to never be dull or boring. She will definitely make Art110 even THAT more fun.

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