Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – TYLER HIRATA



This dude Tyler Hirata is just too cool. He is a fourth-generation Japanese-American, and a third year student at Cal State. Majoring in Information Studies, Tyler says he is the “typical Asian.” His favorite hobby and main interest is PHOTOGRAPHY, overshadowing his enjoyment of computer and video games. One very interesting fact about Tyler is that I found out he played four years of golf at Cypress Highschool! That doesn’t fall into the typical attributes of a “typical Asian.”

In addition, Tyler says he loves to travel and would like to travel to many places in the future. He has been to China, Mexico, and Alaska. Where he says he has taken many beautiful photos of the scenery. He hopes to travel to TOKYO, JAPAN. Tyler emphasizes his regret for not knowing how to speak Japanese, but is dying to experience his culture at Japan. He says, “As a fourth-generation Japanese-American, I am very Americanized.”

When viewing the pieces of art, Tyler shared the same views as I did. He says he is interested in art, but doesn’t fully understand the “abstract” art or the “pieces of paper and string.” I fully understand him, as I too question, WHY art is art.

Overall, Mr. Hirata is a very cool individual. And I am more than glad to have finally met my first “bro” in Art110.

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