Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Francisco Mojica

Francisco Mojica is a very unique and interesting artist. Mr. Mojica is deeply inspired by his cultural background and his experiences that he has overcome in his life as his art truly exemplifies this.

In the image below, Francisco seems to emphasize his experience of choices and opportunities that life has to offer. I believe that Mojica is attempting to show that although life may seem to be dull, black and white, and full of dead ends and obstacles, there is always at least one way out. From this specific piece of art, I feel as if the artist is trying to transform a simple, plain landscape into a powerful art piece with a message.

Francisco Mojica

Francisco Mojica

As a man of Hispanic heritage, Francisco truly has pride of his culture and his background. In his art, just like in his life, Francisco uses bold colors and details in his art to capture the amazingness of objects that may not seem to be that exciting. Mojica definitely brings life into his works and that is what he is known for. In his works below, Francisco Mojica not only uses vibrant colors in contrast of darker ones to make his art come to life, but he also brings passion and uniqueness to object we see everyday that we do not really pay much attention to.


By learning more about this artist and viewing more of his awesome work, Francisco has made me realize that about everything in life that we see, the people and objects we encounter everyday, can be considered as art. As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING IS ART. His passion and techniques that he puts into his work is absolutely inspiring. Art is everywhere you go, and Francisco Mojica reveals this through his work.

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