Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – CHRISTINE TRINH



For the fifth week of Art110, I was able to find a truly amazing partner, Christine Trinh, for Classmate Interview #5. To be honest, Christine is probably the friendliest and happiest person in the entire class. My first thoughts prior to meeting her, were that she was a very shy and awkward person, but Christine totally proved me wrong and made me realize that it is probably best to get to know a person first, before making assumptions.

When we began our interviews, I was surprised by Christine’s joyful attitude and that she was not hesitant to speak to me at all. She jumped right into the interview by telling me all about herself. Christine first mentioned that she is currently a Freshman pursing a Business Accounting major. She is the youngest out of four siblings, and that they all get along very well… surprisingly. When i asked what her hobbies and interests were, she emphasized her love for gaming. When she isn’t gaming it up, Christine also enjoys reading mystery books and babysitting. She also was excited about telling me her love for ANIME. I asked if she ever been to Japan, she says she has not because of the “lack of time and money,” but Tokyo is definitely the top spot she would like to travel. Irrelevant to the topic of traveling and anime, Christine said her favorite food are cookies and her favorite movie is Despicable Me. At this point, I had already found out that Christine is a very funny person with a great personality.

When I asked how she felt about art, her great sense of humor was revealed. She said that, ” Im not really interested in art, but I do love drawing… I am a very bad drawer, but I can trace and copy very well!” (pretty much me).

All in all, Christine Trinh is a really great person. Her joyful attitude and sense of humor, only adds to the numerous positive characteristics she has to offer.

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