Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, Juan Martin

IMG_0971This week for the artist interview, I was a bit confused by who created which piece. In this collection called the “Labyrinth,” three artists have created artwork that is beyond just unique and amazing. Angel, Isaiah, and Juan, although I don’t know who made which art or if they worked all together, I do know that the art that was placed in the gallery is very interesting and eye-catching.

The first piece that caught my attention was the figure of a human, stuck under the snow. The artwork may seem simple, but it is simply amazing. I have no doubt that there is some kind of significant background to this piece. I thought it represented a man who is too overwhelmed by his sorrows and hardships that he has just given up. The ice/snow represents the obstacles in life that is weighing him down.


The next artwork that caught my attention, was the animal head on a mannequin’s body. My partner Kathleen Nguyen, thought it was absolutely scary; to me, it was absolutely cool. The deer head or whatever animal it was, seemed so real. I wonder how and why the artist decided to come up with this piece of art; it’s funny because this is the kind of artwork I would come up with since I am not too great with a pencil or paint. For this art, I really do not IMG_0969have any clue about what this art’s purpose is or its background. By any means, this figure is definitely unique, different, and very interesting.

In the last creation that I enjoyed taking a look at, was the piece that was either a globe or a soccer ball. I was a bit disappointed by the inside of the figure, as I expected there to be more color than there was. However, the plain color of the spherical-like object seems to represent stability and strength, in my opinion.

These three artists and the artwork shown in the gallery is absolutely remarkable. I hope to view much ore of their work in the future, as their creations are veryIMG_0970 interesting and I’m sure to have very deep meanings to their background.

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