Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Kathleen Nguyen

Kathleen Nguyen is a freshman, and she is the first person I have met at Cal State that is from the Bay Area. As my sixth interviewee, I have realized that many of my classmates are from different places and areas, and they all have different backgrounds and experiences in life. I find this absolutely amazing, to be able to meet a different person every week and learn about his or her hobbies and interests; being able to make a friend in one short class period and learn about themselves is just AWESOME.

Kathleen Nguyen

Kathleen Nguyen

This week I met Kathleen. She grew up in San Jose, up in Northern California. I asked if she would rather stay in Long Beach or go back to Norcal, and she replied, “Norcal, because it is way too hot here.” She has yet to experience the perfect weather that we have all been waiting for. Despite her disapproval of the weather, Kathleen finds herself at the beach very often, and loves the water. Her hobbies include water polo and swimming, and plays at Cal State. She also finds comfort and love in playing percussion and drums. In addition, as a student pursuing a major in Healthcare Administration, Kathleen really looks forward to helping individuals as a career. However, she says that coming from a Vietnamese household and being the youngest of 3 children, there is a lot expected from her by her parents.

When I asked her about art, she said she is not very artistic, but loves to walk around and look at art. She says it is crazy that art is basically all around us, and that each art piece has its own meaning and background. Meeting Kathleen has been great, and I can’t wait to get to know more about her.

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