Wk 6 – Activity – Drawing


The app “French Girls” is a very fun and addicting app. It allows you to take countless amounts of selfies while strangers get to view your photos and draw you in any way they want – realistic, cartoony, funny, ugly, pretty, dressed up in a costume, stick figure etc etc. I found it very difficult to draw on my iphone, and I thought it would be impossible for anyone to actually have a good drawing in this app. However, I saw many amazing drawings which basically pooped on my stick figures.

For this activity, I posted exactly 10 selfies on the app, but no one decided I was attractive enough to draw. So, sorry that I do

not have a drawing of myself, it was not my fault. it sucks a lot that I didn’t get to see stranger’s creations of me, but it is what it is. This picture on the right pretty much shows how I feel about people not wanting to draw me ——————–>

But instead of showing you others’ drawings of me, I will show you my favorite drawing that i did see. The funniest one I saw, was this dude with a mop on his head, it literally made me laugh so hard.


The most amazing drawing I came across was this one that I do not understand how this person was able to draw this well on this app. IMG_1017


Although strangers did not want to draw me, I found lots of cool photos to attempt to draw. I am nowhere close to being a talented drawer, but i tried my best. I found it very difficult to draw on my iphone, because it was much more of a challenge to control the paint that came from the movement of my finger. I started out with a stick-figure drawing, and attempted to sway away from sticks, then I also attempted to draw silly drawings. Here are a few of my terrible drawing attempts.


IMG_1013Although I did enjoy drawing people’s selfies,
I would have also really had fun in actually drawing
people with paper, pencil, and the conventional tools that are used in drawing. However, this app is very amusing and fun to use and this was a great week. I can not wait to see what activity we will be doing for painting next week.

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