Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Maggie Freed, Yee Li


IMG_1035 The collection titled, Introspection, by Maggie Freed and Yee Li, is by far my favorite group of artwork I have seen in the galleries. To me, their work is remarkably elegant and strong, as their use of vibrant colors and the way it is placed on the canvas really brings out the passion in their art.

Introspection is the “examination of one’s own mental and emotional state.” I believe the mental and emotional state of both artist are perfectly and accurately captured IMG_1034in their work. Although their art may seem chaotic and hectic because of all the colors and strokes, the stability and tranquil nature of the pieces are also evident in their work. I believe the artist of this collection, are unwilling or unable to speak of their thoughts and feelings as they keep it to themselves. Art, is probably their way to express these contained thoughts and emotions and it is amazingly revealed on the canvas.

Unlike the other abstract art that I have seen, this artwork is very eye-catching and appealing to look at. I truly appreciate the Introspection as it seems this art has the most meaning and is the most true to the artists’ personality and attributes. It definitely showcases their skills and techniques. IMG_1032

Although the two artist’s minds and skills are different and unique from one another, their artwork complements each other perfectly. The combination of peacefulness and chaos, madness and calmness, and the flow of and stability of the work is amazing. This collection has definitely inspired me to create a “introspection” of my own.

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