Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Mimi Ly


Mimi Ly, like me, is a first year college student at Cal State Long Beach. Her ethnicity is a combo of Vietnamese and Chinese, and she is in pursuit of a psychology major. She says she want to be a psychologist, because Mimi is very interested in the way the human mind works, and why individuals do the things they do.

Mimi Ly is from La Quinta Westminster. She says she decided to attend Cal State because she loves the environment, and that it is not too far away from her home. She has just one, half-brother and is 13 years old older than her; so she says basically I am the only child because I am not to close to him. Being the only child, I can tell that really influences Mimi’s personality.

Mimi says she does not really have a hobby. However she does enjoy art, and has taken art for 3 years at her high school. Mimi says a lot of her time is dedicated to only school, work, and hanging out with friends, so her she never really has the time to do the activities she likes to do. When she does have the time, and isn’t drowned by work and school, Mimi says she loves to swim and play water polo. In addition, she is also a big fan of raves and parties. Although, she is all about earning an education and making money, she can also have lots of fun. One random fact about Ms. Ly, is that her favorite foods are sushi and tamales.

When I asked her about the artwork in the galleries, she said she loves viewing artwork. To her it is really enjoyable and fun to view art and try to make out the meaning and the mood and attitude of the artist. It was great to meet Mimi Ly.

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