Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Cordova


For week 8, as I was walking around the galleries attempting to find a partner to interview, I saw this guy who looked really familiar. I asked him if I knew him from somewhere, and it turned out that I actually knew Kevin Cordova from Hoover Middle School. It has been about five years since I last saw or even spoke to Kevin, and seeing him in class was pretty cool.

I never knew much about Mr. Cordova, as we were not that cool of friends in middle school. Although I did have several classes with him, this interview for week 8 is probably the most I ever talked to and got to know him.

After 8th grade, Kevin went to go attend Lakewood High School, while I went to Long Beach Poly. Kevin says he liked it at Lakewood, but wondered what it would’ve been like to go to my high school. He is not really into sports, but he does love long distance bike riding. His major here at Cal State is Anthropology, and hopes to pursue a fun career in his field.

Random facts about Kevin is that his favorite food is sushi. His favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy. And he loves to travel. Kevin has been basically around the whole country as he has taken multiple road trips to about every state. I found this absolutely amazing as I wish I were as lucky as him to be able to do that. However, he says it has gotten boring and repetitive. He hopes to travel outside the country instead, preferably to Spain, France – all around Europe.

When I asked him what he thinks of art, Kevin said he likes the activities of Art 110, but wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for a grade. However, he does like viewing the art, but dislikes the abstract ones. Im glad I was able to see Kevin again, it was dopee.

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