Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Salon des Refusés

For the Week 9 artist interview, i viewed the work of “Salon des Refuses.”

IMG_1146 The 1863 “Salon des Refusés,” was said to be a “demonstration of empowerment on behalf of the artists whose work had been rejected from the Paris Salon that year.”  This collection is meant to be a tribute to the artists that were rejected. This group of artists had numerous skills, and various talents who all came together to “express their desire for creative autonomy.” This exhibit is nothing but interesting and definitely unique to say the least. IMG_1152 IMG_1150

This collection of art is meant to emphasize and reinforce the spirit of community. This creative group of artists focused on sending a message out to their audience and the public, about the world of the people’s daily lives in the city

This art was meant to be dedicated to those in society who are at a disadvantage. As in, those individuals who are below those top ranked individuals who control all the money in society. These artist wanted to showcase the talent and the skills of those people who are not acknowledged much in society. Their art focuses on the streets of the cities, and the people inhabiting those streets, that struggle to make it in this society. IMG_1149 IMG_1151

Theyrepresent the working group of people, and attempt to show it in a different point of view.

The most interesting artwork I saw in this gallery was a heap of McDonald’s food along with candles that you see after a person passes away. I believe with this piece, the artists attempted to emphasize the effect of fastfood on the people of society. Fastfood is harming many people and even leading to the death of many as well. Although this art isn’t very appealing, the message in this art is very strong and powerful. IMG_1155

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