Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Abdul Algasim

IMG_1156For week 9, the classmate that I met was the first foreign exchange student I have spoken to; his name is Abdul Algasim. To be honest, it was very difficult to understand some of the words Abdul was saying, so I’m not entirely sure that “Algasim” is actually his last name.

Anyways, it was really awesome to meet a foreign exchange student, as I always wondered what their perspective of Southern California life is like. I asked Abdul, how does he like it here, and he responded, “IT IS AWESOME.” Abdul is originally from Saudi Arabia, and has come to Cal State Long Beach to pursue a major in mechanical engineering. As a 20 year old, Abdul, in the future, hopes to start his own company or work in a prestigious one.

Abdul has visited the US before, and California. He has no family here in Long Beach, besides his brother who also attends this school. He came to California to pursue his studies during summer 2012. SInce then, he knew he wanted to continue studying here until he earns a high paying career.

Abdul’s hobbies include playing soccer. He emphasizes his love for the sport, but in his free time he also loves to swim, watch movies, and just chill with his friends. In addition, Abdul enjoys traveling. He has been to Indonesia, Britain, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. But by far, he loves LB.

When we talked about art, he said he likes viewing it, but doesn’t really have an interest in the actual activity of drawing or painting etc. All in all, Abdul Algasim is a great person, and I hope to learn more about him and his culture in the future.

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