Wk 10 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this week’s activity, we were assigned to create a scene of a “landscape with a corpse.”

After taking numerous photos “dead” on the sidewalk, streets, dirt, etc. I thought about instead of taking the picture outdoors, I would create a scene in my own house. This weekend of Halloween is filled with various scary stories, numerous horror movies, monsters, clowns, creatures, murderers, etc.

The scene I attempted to create was one I saw in a ghost movie, where a man was killed by being pushed down a flight of stairs. I thought it’d be cool/funny to recreate this, so I set my camera and ran down the stairs to position myself as a corpse.

I tried to create a landscape in my own home, to be a bit different than the outdoors corpses. I wanted to set a feeling of mystery and suspense in viewers’ imaginations by making them wonder what actions took place to lead to this corpse.

Although, my other photos were probably a lot more “artsy” and embraces the landscape of the outdoors, I thought this particular photo was the most different and interesting. Overall, this activity was definitely fun and humorous, especially during this weekend of Halloween.

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