Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheunj


For week 10, I met another Freshman taking Art110 just like me, named Savannah Cheunj.

The most interesting and surprising and weirdest thing I found out about Savannah is that she said she thinks she is part Chinese or part Thai, “I’m not really sure.” She says she isn’t entirely sure about what ethnicity she is which I found really odd.

As a resident of a city near Arcadia, Savannah dorms at Beachside and says she loves Cal State Long Beach. She enjoys meeting all the different kinds of people, and living independently. She chose to attend CSULB because of their popular art program they have. However, she is hesitant about going into a very impacted major.

As an undeclared college student, Savannah is leaning towards a career in either graphic design or interior design. She says she is really into art, but she isn’t too sure that it will be a reliable career for her in the future. Savannah does mention that if she had to work on an art project over a period of time, she would really enjoy creating a masterpiece. She loves to work on art projects, paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Savannah was once in theater, cross-country, and track and field in high school. Besides this and working on art projects, she also loves to just chill with friends. Like me, she isn’t really a party person, and would rather just hang with the closest people to her. I truly respect Savannah and I hope to get to know more about her soon.

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