Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

This week, I was able to view the collection of Romina Del Castillo in “Shifting Focus.”

The title of this coIMG_1205llection is a “series of portraits done from observation of a live model.”  The art that I saw, created by Ms. Castillo, was definitely unique and interesting to say the least.

I honestly did not know what to think of the artwork of Romina, at first I was honestly very uninterested and not attracted to her work. However, by acknowledging the realistic work and details of her pieces, I truly respect this artist and her very amazing talents.

IMG_1201The artist limits her tools to charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper. I really respect Romina’s use of her materials to its full potential as her art is remarkable.

In her art, Castillo creates drawings that engages her audience, and “invites the viewer into worlds which I have conceived.” She attempts to produce work that include abstract thoughts and sensations. In addition she also connects her work to personal experiences, music, and literature.

IMG_1203Romina’s art is definitely very interesting, and I can tell that many of her work attempts to reveal a message that is not obvious to the viewers. Although I do not full understand the intentions of the work she creates, the technique and effort that Castillo puts in each and everyone of her art, is truly  IMG_1202                                                              inspiring.

The artwork to the right, for example, takes the image of an actual person and creates it into a realistic drawing of the model. I don’t understand the color  scheme on the right,  but I guess its to connect the colors of the image to the chart.

Romina Castillo is an amazing artist for sure. And I hope to view much more of her work.

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