Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Kylie Hazehara


This week I met Kylie Hazehara. The first question I asked Kylie, was if she was Japanese, because of her unique last name. She informed me that she is in fact half Japanese, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter Filipino. I told Kylie I took Japanese in high school for 4 years, she laughed and said that she used to know some of the language when she was younger, but now doesn’t know much.

Like myself, Ms. Hazehara is a Freshman at Cal State, but is undeclared. She is originally from the 626 area, and went to Markeppel High School. She said she came to Long Beach, because she is familiar with the area, has family around here, and loves the vibe. Kylie dorms on campus, and enjoys meeting lots of new people on campus and just hanging around the city.

Kylie emphasizes her love for volleyball, as she played for three and a half years in high school, and continues to play in IM’s. She considers volleyball her favorite hobby, but also loves to go out with her friends and just hangout. Her favorite foods include sushi, kbbq, tacos, and ice cream. Considering the hobbies and interests that Kylie has, I think we can become great friends.

I hope to learn more about Kylie Hazehara, and to hangout with her in the future. She seems like an all-around awesome person to be around. I am glad to have met her this week.

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