Ch 12 – Artist Interview – The Magic Hours


For week 12, I viewed the collection titled “The Magic Hours,” but I did something very stupid which was not even knowing who the artist was that created all the beautifully unique artwork that I saw. I apologize for my mistake, as I really do admire this artist’s amazing creations and I respect all the effort that was used to make this collection as remarkable as it is.

IMG_1256 All the art that “The Magic Hours” containIMG_1258, reminds me of cartoons from disney movies It brought a memory of all the cartoons I used to watch and the animated films that i grew to love. And for that, I thank the artist for connecting to my childhood as I truly miss it. A lot of the art this artist creates include cars, people, and the outdoors. I also believe the artist tries to tell some sort of story in the art he or she creates and it is very interesting. This collection is by far, one of my more favorite ones, because it is just simply awesome.

IMG_1254 This artwork reminds me of the movie Despicable Me which I love. Also, the artist’s use of color and the creation of different textures make the art much more effective in appealing to the viewers. I think it is just amazing how realistic an animated piece can be. IMG_1260 The art containing the scary dance director is as dark as this artist work will get. And this is different, as the artist stays away from the color and uses just black and white, the shading is just magnificent. And again, the artist is obviously trying to tell some sort of story in his or her art.IMG_1262

This allows the audience to use their imagination to create their own story in their heads. The art to the right, is more work that tells a story, but this one is sad. It is obvious that that one little girl is having some dilemma with the other ballet dancers. This also reminds me of another Disney movie.

I really regret not being able to know who created this art, as I respect and admire this art so much. I am glad that I was able to view this remarkable collection.


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