Ch 12 – Classmate Interview – Alex Lo

IMG_1250The homie Alex Lo is a second year student majoring in kinesiology. As a person of Chinese/Vietnamese ethnicity, Alex takes pride in his culture and heritage. He says he respects his parents and his grandparents and all his relatives for all the sacrifices and hard work they put in to create a better life for him. I truly respect this about Alex, it shows his humble manner and his love for his family.

Alex is the youngest of his two older brothers. He says he wished he had a dorm in Cal State, but the “40 minute drive from Rosemead is not too bad,” he says. He loves it out here in Long Beach, Alex says he loves the chill vibe and all the people. He definitely fits in with the skaters out here, as his favorite hobby includes skating; in addition, Alex also loves to workout. He also played a lot of football and volleyball, back at San Gabriel Highschool.

When I asked him about art, he replied saying that he isn’t really into art. But he does love to travel and go camping, and enjoy the scenery which he considers art. Alex is a swell individual and very very cool. It was great meeting you bro!


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