Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Christopher Soerachmat

IMG_1285For week 13, I was lucky to meet a very cool, funny dude, named Christopher Soerachmat. When he met me, he was surprised to find out that I was a Freshman, as he replied saying, “Wow really? You look old.” I wasn’t too sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but regardless, it was interesting that he thought I was older. Like me, Christopher is a first year student at Cal State. And he has very interesting attributes.

Christopher is a proud Indonesian, and loves the country and hopes to visit there again, and travel around the various parts of Asia. He currently lives in the Westminster area, and is originally from Garden Grove. He says he loves the Long Beach area and doesn’t mind commuting to school. Although he wishes he would be able to dorm, Christopher is just glad that he goes to a great school.

The most interesting quality that I found out about Christopher, is that he is majoring in Film and Electronic Arts. He says his goal in life is to work for Pixar, which I think would be absolutely awesome. As a matter of fact, he is already working with Pixar as a cast member editing the stuff that editors edit.

I wish Christopher the best of luck in his career pursuits as i know he’ll do big things. It was a pleasure meeting you dude.


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