Wk 15 – Artist Interview – HYERI KIM


Before my last artist post ever for this class, I just wanted to say that Art110 has been a extremely fun and wonderful experience. My peers that I have met and the activities I have partook in, were all interesting and worth it. Not to forget all the remarkable artwork shown in the galleries; each artist were unique in their own particular way, and it was a great pleasure to view all the art work.

For this final post, I end my blog with something extravagant, and that is “His Extravagant Proposal” by Hyeri Kim. I believe she gave this collection this title because of the various eye catching jewelry which refers to a proposal. Her artwork looks much like a jewelry store, all the stones and gems, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, are all displayed in the cases or on mannequins.

IMG_1357What i wonder, is if Kim created this jewelry herself or if it was already made; because it looks professionally made by a jeweler. I also wonder if these accessories are valuable or not.                    I do think her art is completely beautiful and unique, I would like to know what was her purpose in creating this art work.                                                                                     IMG_1356IMG_1355   IMG_1354Kims art work looks
asif it belongs to some royal family, the ones you find in a castle or a very very expensive house. Her artwork is magnificent, and I bet Hyeri Kim herself as an artist stands at the top of the ranks. She is very unique and different, her art work is different than many of the rest.

It has been great. Being able to view all this wonderful artwork has been amazing. And ending it with an artist that is “extravagant” is perfect to say the least. I enjoyed it all. It has been a pleasure to take this class. And end it with Hyeri Kim.



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