Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

This week, I was able to view the collection of Romina Del Castillo in “Shifting Focus.”

The title of this coIMG_1205llection is a “series of portraits done from observation of a live model.”  The art that I saw, created by Ms. Castillo, was definitely unique and interesting to say the least.

I honestly did not know what to think of the artwork of Romina, at first I was honestly very uninterested and not attracted to her work. However, by acknowledging the realistic work and details of her pieces, I truly respect this artist and her very amazing talents.

IMG_1201The artist limits her tools to charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper. I really respect Romina’s use of her materials to its full potential as her art is remarkable.

In her art, Castillo creates drawings that engages her audience, and “invites the viewer into worlds which I have conceived.” She attempts to produce work that include abstract thoughts and sensations. In addition she also connects her work to personal experiences, music, and literature.

IMG_1203Romina’s art is definitely very interesting, and I can tell that many of her work attempts to reveal a message that is not obvious to the viewers. Although I do not full understand the intentions of the work she creates, the technique and effort that Castillo puts in each and everyone of her art, is truly  IMG_1202                                                              inspiring.

The artwork to the right, for example, takes the image of an actual person and creates it into a realistic drawing of the model. I don’t understand the color  scheme on the right,  but I guess its to connect the colors of the image to the chart.

Romina Castillo is an amazing artist for sure. And I hope to view much more of her work.


Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Kylie Hazehara


This week I met Kylie Hazehara. The first question I asked Kylie, was if she was Japanese, because of her unique last name. She informed me that she is in fact half Japanese, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter Filipino. I told Kylie I took Japanese in high school for 4 years, she laughed and said that she used to know some of the language when she was younger, but now doesn’t know much.

Like myself, Ms. Hazehara is a Freshman at Cal State, but is undeclared. She is originally from the 626 area, and went to Markeppel High School. She said she came to Long Beach, because she is familiar with the area, has family around here, and loves the vibe. Kylie dorms on campus, and enjoys meeting lots of new people on campus and just hanging around the city.

Kylie emphasizes her love for volleyball, as she played for three and a half years in high school, and continues to play in IM’s. She considers volleyball her favorite hobby, but also loves to go out with her friends and just hangout. Her favorite foods include sushi, kbbq, tacos, and ice cream. Considering the hobbies and interests that Kylie has, I think we can become great friends.

I hope to learn more about Kylie Hazehara, and to hangout with her in the future. She seems like an all-around awesome person to be around. I am glad to have met her this week.

Wk 10 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this week’s activity, we were assigned to create a scene of a “landscape with a corpse.”

After taking numerous photos “dead” on the sidewalk, streets, dirt, etc. I thought about instead of taking the picture outdoors, I would create a scene in my own house. This weekend of Halloween is filled with various scary stories, numerous horror movies, monsters, clowns, creatures, murderers, etc.

The scene I attempted to create was one I saw in a ghost movie, where a man was killed by being pushed down a flight of stairs. I thought it’d be cool/funny to recreate this, so I set my camera and ran down the stairs to position myself as a corpse.

I tried to create a landscape in my own home, to be a bit different than the outdoors corpses. I wanted to set a feeling of mystery and suspense in viewers’ imaginations by making them wonder what actions took place to lead to this corpse.

Although, my other photos were probably a lot more “artsy” and embraces the landscape of the outdoors, I thought this particular photo was the most different and interesting. Overall, this activity was definitely fun and humorous, especially during this weekend of Halloween.

Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheunj


For week 10, I met another Freshman taking Art110 just like me, named Savannah Cheunj.

The most interesting and surprising and weirdest thing I found out about Savannah is that she said she thinks she is part Chinese or part Thai, “I’m not really sure.” She says she isn’t entirely sure about what ethnicity she is which I found really odd.

As a resident of a city near Arcadia, Savannah dorms at Beachside and says she loves Cal State Long Beach. She enjoys meeting all the different kinds of people, and living independently. She chose to attend CSULB because of their popular art program they have. However, she is hesitant about going into a very impacted major.

As an undeclared college student, Savannah is leaning towards a career in either graphic design or interior design. She says she is really into art, but she isn’t too sure that it will be a reliable career for her in the future. Savannah does mention that if she had to work on an art project over a period of time, she would really enjoy creating a masterpiece. She loves to work on art projects, paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Savannah was once in theater, cross-country, and track and field in high school. Besides this and working on art projects, she also loves to just chill with friends. Like me, she isn’t really a party person, and would rather just hang with the closest people to her. I truly respect Savannah and I hope to get to know more about her soon.

Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, Yee Li


For this week’s artist interview, I viewed the works of three unique and creative artists. Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, and Yee Li has created a collection that is abstract, but also vibrant and colorful. This type of artwork, is hands-down one of my favorites.

This collection of artwork is named “Trepidation.” It is similar to the artwork I once viewed before titled, “Introspection,” which I think may have been created by one or two of the same artists. The use of different contrasts and shades of colors and the strokes used to create this artwork is definitely eye-catching and interesting.



Although it seems as if the art is nothing but a bunch of shapes and lines all mixed together, I can tell that the artist meant to create an abstract, yet very clear image of an object. I mostly like the blend of colors and the contrast that is created amongst the different characteristics of the work. And specifically in the left image, I find the arrangement of the art very unique and creative. It is obvious in the work of these artists, that they are passionate at take great detail into their pieces.

IMG_1171Out of the whole collection, this is by far my favorite out of the group. The separation of the art into 16 canvases makes the artwork much more appealing and interesting in my opinion. I wonder if the artists have a purpose or message in their art, as most artists almost always relate their work to their life and their experiences.

This collection, “Trepidation,” is one that I definitely recommend taking a look at.

Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Salon des Refusés

For the Week 9 artist interview, i viewed the work of “Salon des Refuses.”

IMG_1146 The 1863 “Salon des Refusés,” was said to be a “demonstration of empowerment on behalf of the artists whose work had been rejected from the Paris Salon that year.”  This collection is meant to be a tribute to the artists that were rejected. This group of artists had numerous skills, and various talents who all came together to “express their desire for creative autonomy.” This exhibit is nothing but interesting and definitely unique to say the least. IMG_1152 IMG_1150

This collection of art is meant to emphasize and reinforce the spirit of community. This creative group of artists focused on sending a message out to their audience and the public, about the world of the people’s daily lives in the city

This art was meant to be dedicated to those in society who are at a disadvantage. As in, those individuals who are below those top ranked individuals who control all the money in society. These artist wanted to showcase the talent and the skills of those people who are not acknowledged much in society. Their art focuses on the streets of the cities, and the people inhabiting those streets, that struggle to make it in this society. IMG_1149 IMG_1151

Theyrepresent the working group of people, and attempt to show it in a different point of view.

The most interesting artwork I saw in this gallery was a heap of McDonald’s food along with candles that you see after a person passes away. I believe with this piece, the artists attempted to emphasize the effect of fastfood on the people of society. Fastfood is harming many people and even leading to the death of many as well. Although this art isn’t very appealing, the message in this art is very strong and powerful. IMG_1155

Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Abdul Algasim

IMG_1156For week 9, the classmate that I met was the first foreign exchange student I have spoken to; his name is Abdul Algasim. To be honest, it was very difficult to understand some of the words Abdul was saying, so I’m not entirely sure that “Algasim” is actually his last name.

Anyways, it was really awesome to meet a foreign exchange student, as I always wondered what their perspective of Southern California life is like. I asked Abdul, how does he like it here, and he responded, “IT IS AWESOME.” Abdul is originally from Saudi Arabia, and has come to Cal State Long Beach to pursue a major in mechanical engineering. As a 20 year old, Abdul, in the future, hopes to start his own company or work in a prestigious one.

Abdul has visited the US before, and California. He has no family here in Long Beach, besides his brother who also attends this school. He came to California to pursue his studies during summer 2012. SInce then, he knew he wanted to continue studying here until he earns a high paying career.

Abdul’s hobbies include playing soccer. He emphasizes his love for the sport, but in his free time he also loves to swim, watch movies, and just chill with his friends. In addition, Abdul enjoys traveling. He has been to Indonesia, Britain, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. But by far, he loves LB.

When we talked about art, he said he likes viewing it, but doesn’t really have an interest in the actual activity of drawing or painting etc. All in all, Abdul Algasim is a great person, and I hope to learn more about him and his culture in the future.